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Do you suffer with any of these symptoms?

Digestive discomfort

Depression & anxiety

Low energy and fatigue

Poor sleep

Skin issues

Hormonal imbalance

Low immunity

Achy joints


Excess weight

Would you like to reclaim your health?

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Combining personalised diet and lifestyle changes to naturally redress imbalance, Nutritional Therapy’s science based approach addresses the root cause of your symptoms, restoring your body back to a state of equilibrium and health.

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Yoga supports your physical health but also acknowledges that you are more than just your physical body and that the relationship between your body, mind and spirit is intrinsic to your experience as a healthy and happy human being.

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True wellbeing is more than just an absence of disease, it is a state of radiance and vitality. When we experience optimal health and wellbeing in all areas of our life, we flourish and shine from the inside out and can live a full and happy life.

Are you fed up with waking up each day feeling less than your best?

Are you experiencing symptoms that you'd really like to understand and address?

Are you keen to adopt a natural approach to a health condition you are living with?

Are you looking for practical tools to counteract your stressful and busy life?

Would you like some help?

“If you make time for Kundalini yoga with Anna, it will help you change your life for the better. Thank you Anna!”

– Alana Pritchard, physiotherapist –

“With Anna’s expertise, deep understanding of nutritional and holistic health, her sensitivity, kindness and excellent communication throughout it has been an invaluable, life-affirming experience. I am nourished, re-vitalised and ready to take a much healthier lifestyle into the future.”

– Al Reffell, Film maker –

“Anna is an excellent, patient and compassionate teacher. Long-term minor physical injuries are repairing and life seems lighter and more balanced.”

– Stuart Henderson, computer consultant–

As a nutritionist Anna supported me through my wellbeing path, helping me to find the pleasure of eating healthy food and taking care of myself. I felt she was in sync with my needs, feeling and objectives!

Adriana Butera, pharmacist

“I cannot recommend Anna's one-to-one yoga highly enough. I have felt an overall improved sense of wellbeing, physical flexibility strength and balance.”

– Sheena Liness, Educator –

“Anna's gentle and kind presence is felt even through the screen. Highly recommended.”

– Dr caroline yepes, clinical psychologist –

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