Detox, Hormones & Reclaiming the Potency in our Cyclical Feminine Brilliance

Sunday 2nd April 9am-1pm

A morning of movement, connection, inspirational wisdom and deep relaxation.

There is power, potential and potency in every stage of womanhood.

Learning to love where you are at with your cycle and life stage is an empowering step towards owning your feminine brilliance. Balanced female hormones bestow many health benefits and brings about a sense of ease and grace.

But what happens if your hormones get out of balance?

  • Irregular or heavy periods, PMS, low libido, hot flushes, bloating or tender breasts are all classic signs of hormonal imbalance.
  • Mental health can be affected too with anxiety, poor sleep, fatigue and mood swings.
  • Many conditions are also thought to be connected to oestrogen dominance such as breast and uterine cancer, PCOS, endometriosis and fibroids.

In this inspiring half day workshop, I’m going to share nutritional insights and lifestyle advice on ways that you can balance your female hormones.

  • How to best support the liver to remove excess hormones.
  • Potent foods that influence hormone levels.
  • Steps you can take to protect your hormones from being negatively affected by damaging environmental influences.

And that's not all!

Anna with veg
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Sam Kiani will lead you in a feel-good, Yang, stretchy, sweaty movement sequence to help you find freedom and ease in your body. It feels so good to really get moving!

Then I'll follow on with a slow, restorative, stress-releasing Yin Yoga session. This practice will allow the nervous system to quieten and the deeper tissues to soften and release.

I'll also be sharing a great breathing practice to help you to cool the inner fire.

Then comes an opportunity to experience a truly nourishing relaxation with Sam, combining crystal singing bowls and insight meditation.

You can expect to deeply relax and connect to your true and trustworthy feminine intuition.

You will also receive a ethically sourced crystal gift to help support you feminine brilliance.

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There will be an opportunity to enjoy a healthy balancing snack and tea, and an invitation to journal, share and commune.

Enjoy time and space to regain your balance, grace and lighten the load.

Know that by participating in this event, you will be supporting Syrian and Turkish Earthquake aid efforts