Nutritional Therapy

You are a unique individual with your own distinctive health picture and genetic makeup and the naturopathic approach recognises that. Working with a detailed analysis of your health history and symptoms, and utilising testing where necessary, we can work together to create the ideal personalised wellbeing plan for you.

Symptoms can be viewed as the body’s way of communicating with us, highlighting that there is an excess or deficiency of some sort that needs addressing. We can be quite good at ignoring these signals and overriding them to the point that we might even begin to consider them our ‘normal’. A functional approach to your health considers what might be the underlying root cause of these symptoms.

I am here to listen and to offer you advice based on sound research and a personalised plan delivered in a non-judgemental and supportive environment.

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How Can Nutritional Therapy Help?

Balancing blood sugar

Increasing energy levels

Optimising digestive function

Stress reduction

Balancing hormones

Supporting heart health

Improving skin health

Healthy weight management

Improving sleep quality

Boosting immunity

“If you're looking for a calm, fountain of knowledge who gets to the route of the issue, Anna is the nutritionist for you.”

– Paula, designer & yoga teacher –

A Naturopathic and Function Medicine Approach

My approach in supporting your health journey is person-centred, as opposed to disease-centred. That means that I recognises that you are an individual, and acknowledge that factors that influence your health are a complex web of interconnections, including physiological, mental/emotional, environmental and societal factors.

The exploration of dis-ease or imbalance starts at the 'root of the tree', looking at lifestyle factors such as sleep, diet, exercise and stress levels in order to uncover the underlying imbalances in the systems of the body that are then expressed as symptoms i.e. 'leaves'.

Once we have identified the root cause of imbalance, the aim is to help you to find the dynamic balance between all aspects of your health, utilising a naturopathic and function medicine approach and adopting a range of nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

What are the Naturopathic Principles?

The healing power of nature

There is a “vital-force”, that given the right conditions will self-correct. 

Prevention is better than cure

Maintaining good health is preferable to waiting until you become unwell.

Treat the root and not the branches

Discover and treat the underlying cause of dysfunction. 

Treat the whole person

Encompassing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual person.

Health is greater than absence of infirmity

It should be abundant vitality.

Treat the person, not the disease

Taking into consideration the whole person.

The individual is unique

Each person responds in a different way.

All disease starts with imbalance

A return to health is a rebalancing of the body's homeostatic mechanisms.

Ill-health begins from the inside

Disease is the product of internal environment rather than external influences.

Deficiency and excess

Deficiency requires building up and toxicity requires breaking down.

Ailments should not be suppressed

Symptoms are there for a reason and are manifestation of Nature's Healing Force.

A naturopath is an educator

Empowering the client to take responsibility for their own health.

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